NOT “Presidents Day”

February 22, 2023

The federal holiday of this week is Washington’s Birthday – NOT so-called “Presidents Day”. Contrary to popular belief the holiday was NOT changed by Congress. Celebrating the birthday of all presidents is worship of the power of the King, and a celebration of the King himself. The “Presidents Day” holiday honoring the birth of all presidents is the required holiday of a monarchy, where the King’s Birthday is the most important day of the year. George Washington’s actions in the 1700s were a major part of creating the limited constitutional republic we are supposed to have and liberty-minded people should celebrate his birthday. But most US presidents were terrible for liberty. Celebrating the ever-growing power of the federal executive as implemented by most presidents, ludicrously far beyond what the Constitution authorizes, is not an American principles holiday. Keith discusses why we shouldn’t celebrate “Presidents Day”. It’s Washington’s Birthday!

Links Referenced in the Show:

Washington’s Farewell Address text

Washington’s Farewell Address reading

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