Intrastate Secession in Illinois

March 13, 2023

Keith is joined by Eric Ivers from Illinois to discuss an intrastate secession effort to shift the IL-MO state line, moving 4-5 western Illinois counties to Missouri. Eric has been working to hold a citizen’s referendum in his county, voting to leave IL and become part of Missouri. We discuss the practical matter of passing an intrastate secession shifting state lines, against the harder sells of forming a new state or a full state secession of leaving the union. The irreconcilable differences in Illinois are highlighted by socialist, crime-ridden Chicago vs the large rural conservative areas, with state politics dominated by the high population city. We cover another IL secession movement where 27 counties have passed non-binding resolutions calling for consideration the new state secession creating the 51st state of New Illinois by separating Chicago and Cook County from the rest of the state. The episode ends with a discussion on the principle of why all these secession movements are moral ways to handle the differences, as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

Links Referenced in the Show:

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