The FBI Knew

March 8, 2023

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the FBI “assessed” the likely source of the virus was a Wuhan lab leak and that the problem is China. Politician and media response is to act as if everyone knows it may have come from the lab, the problem is the Chinese government and the lack of international safety regulations, and the reason we need to know what happened is to prepare for the next pandemic. What is missing from the dozens of media reports Keith watched is mention of the US government’s funding the “research” at Wuhan. Also missing is consideration of NOT inventing new viruses in a lab that kill millions worldwide. Keith discusses the impeccable timing of the FBI’s announcement as the Empire builds public fear of China, and the deafening silence on the fact that the US government partially funded the Wuhan lab’s novel coronavirus gain-of-function work. Evidently they prefer we forget. In this short, prerecorded episode, Keith remembers.

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