National Police Week

May 17, 2023

For National Police Week Keith discusses the “Thin Blue Line” in actual practice, the actual job of the police, and the fundamental difference between police and sheriff. Trigger warning – this is not a Back The Blue episode. Always remember the job of the police is to support and defend the government, keeping the people in check following the whims and agenda of the politicians. Police are government enforcers, with monopoly power on initiation of force, using the tools of guns and cages. Keith lives in South Florida where his encounters with cops in the last two years were thugs protecting the beach and the park from the people. The boys in blue were told to keep the parks and beach free, so they did so – free of people!

Links Referenced in the Show:

National Police Week

Move bombing by the Philadelphia Police

Eric Garner chokehold death

Breonna Taylor’s shooting death

MN Black Robe Regiment on Rochester Police

Book “Rise of the Warrior Cop”

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