Debate: Does the Constitution Suck?


August 2, 2023

Keith debates Elliot “Alu” Axelman on the question “Does the U.S. Constitution Suck for Liberty?” in an Oxford-style debate, recorded live at the Free State Project’s Porcupine Freedom Festival (PorcFest) in June 2023. Alu takes the affirmative, Keith takes the negative, with an audience Oxford vote at the end to determine the winner. Watch to the end to see the surprising vote result! 

Alu Axelman is an author of nine books on liberty and secession, including “How Amazing is the U.S. Constitution?”, Editor-in-Chief of Liberty Block, and President of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.

Links Referenced in the Show:

Liberty Block website

Book by Alu Axelman: How Amazing is the U.S. Constitution?

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