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Request For Amnesty: Denied

A recent article in The Atlantic made a call for ‘Pandemic Amnesty,’ but reveals just how little the Branch COVIDians have learned.

The piece by Emily Oster ricochetted around the internet Monday afternoon, sparking outrage and mockery. The headline, which reads, “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty,” is followed by one sentence that sums her entire argument up quite perfectly: “We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” Throughout the article, Oster repeatedly refers to the ‘uncertainty’ of the early days of the pandemic and persistently leans on a lack of knowledge, lack of data, missteps, complicated choices and the age-old protest of “we didn’t know.”

She admits that some people were right and some were wrong, but manages to completely ignore any need for accountability or the basic decency of acknowledging the validity of the arguments that opposed popular opinion. Oster claims that being on the wrong side of history in this case was no “moral failing,” and that those who were right all along due to their “prescient understanding of the available information” should fight the urge they may have to gloat about it.

Among the many problems with this entire piece, one of the most glaring issues is that the people time has proven were in fact correct all along did not have a prescient understanding. No, they did not possess some mystical psychic abilities that allowed them to see into the future. They simply thought critically. They dared to do their own research. They listened to those few brave souls who had the courage to stand against the entire Federal Government, medical and pharmaceutical Industries, social media censors, and the mainstream media. There was nothing prophetic or lucky about their stance, as Oster alleges. On the contrary, their beliefs were grounded in science, statistics, and basic logic. Their questions were rational, reasonable things to wonder. For this they were mercilessly vilified, deplatformed, fired, shunned, blamed, mocked, divorced by their families and friends, and banned from polite society.

This claim that the bullies “didn’t know” and should therefore be absolved of their sins has sparked a vicious backlash that is much deserved. It isn’t that they didn’t or couldn’t have known, it’s that they actively silenced anyone with a different view. The entire system, in every sense of the word, colluded to crush any and all opposition. They watered down counterarguments to the most ridiculous soundbite they possibly could in order to discredit and denigrate. Even now, Oster claims “the public-health community had to spend a lot of time and resources urging Americans not to inject themselves with bleach,” which is an absolutely ridiculous allegation that was and still is a mischaracterization used to discredit and mock former President Donald Trump. And here she is calling for forgiveness while lobbing the same smears at those from whom she seeks absolution.

No matter the resume or the real world expertise of the journalists, doctors, nurses, and virologists who questioned the narrative or presented evidence that undermined the CDC’s all-consuming authority, they were chased out of the town square by manic mobs of pitchfork-wielding, triple-mask-wearing Fauci fanatics. And for all of this, for the lives destroyed, the reputations ruined, the closest thing to an apology that is offered is a request that those most abused by these people “acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty.

Once the initial outrage over this incredibly duplicitous request for amnesty has subsided, a question arises: why now? Sure, the exponential decline in student test scores has come to light, proving the argument that had been made from the very beginning of the pandemic that closing schools would be incredibly detrimental to a generation of children. The statistics on adverse effects from the rushed and experimental vaccinations are irrefutable, and of course the ineffectiveness of the vaccines can no longer be denied, even by the CDC. Many of these facts have been obvious for a while.

For this piece to come from a publication like The Atlantic indicates that a white flag is being raised. They know they are wrong. They know they’ve always been wrong. They don’t want to talk about it anymore. Do they offer any sincere apology? Do they show any remorse? Absolutely not. Amnesty requires no admission of guilt, requires no amends to be made. They want to wash away the horrific things they’ve done, the draconian mandates they upheld and happily enforced on their neighbors, and simply be allowed to act like their behavior was reasonable and justified at the time.

Worse still is the reason they claim to have inflicted such tyrannical punishments. They justify their hysteria and vitriol with one simple word: uncertainty. They didn’t know. Those who merely questioned the narrative, those who offered evidence contrary to the approved line of thinking, those who protested the lockdowns, mandates, and compulsory vaccinations because they simply believed that no one knew and the evidence at hand did not justify such actions by Federal, state and local Governments, were demonized by the entire world. The pressure they withstood to simply be allowed the ability to think for themselves in an unprecedented situation is like nothing any of us have experienced in modern times.

No, Emily Oster, this is no time for “amnesty.” There is a reckoning to be had. It must begin with an admission of the wrongs committed. Grievances must be acknowledged. Arbitration is in order. But amnesty? Absolutely not. You will not be absolved that easily.

The one point on which Oster is correct is that we must move past this and come together in order to fix the damage that has been done. That will not come as a result of blind forgiveness. On the contrary, it can only be the result of a genuine acknowledgement of the wrongs that were committed, a sincere apology, and even then it can only be considered after the deserved amends have been made.

When appropriate, we may forgive. But we will not and must not ever forget the despicable behavior of our friends, families, coworkers, employers, doctors, educators, legislators, and governing forces as a whole. We cannot forget the role the media played in whipping the masses into a frenzied hysteria and turning them against anyone who dared to ask questions. We cannot forget how propaganda and fear mongering turned those closest to us against us so easily and so viciously. We cannot and will not forget, because it must never be allowed to happen again.

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