There’s a common misunderstanding about the “general Welfare” phrase in the U.S. Constitution. Frequently the phrase is used to justify the federal government doling out cash and goodies to individuals in favored groups and particular situations. A 2018 letter to the editor titled “The US Constitution favors the liberal left”Continue Reading

I am an atheist who knows what Romans 13 is. Scott Horton helped me understand: “It says in the Bible boy, that ya do whatever the President saysif he’s a Republican. Romans 13.” There are two diametrically opposing interpretations of the Bible’s direction to Christians on government. My summary: ThereContinue Reading

The Earth’s top economic experts, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, released their December personal consumption expenditures (PCE) “inflation” forecast for next year: 2.6%. Oops! Sorry, 2.6% was the Fed’s December 2021 PCE forecast for 2022. As of December 2022, are your personal consumption expenditures up onlyContinue Reading

The So-Called Right to Vote Is Not the “Most Fundamental Right in America” Biden’s SOTU address claim is false–there is no such right in the U.S. Constitution. Fundamentally, there can’t be a right to vote at all–impossible, ludicrous. The March 1st, 2022, State of the Union address (SOTU) read by President JoeContinue Reading

Why I Don’t Celebrate “Presidents’ Day” I celebrate “Washington’s Birthday,” not a day honoring all presidents–because most of them sucked. Horrible for liberty, individual rights, and principles of limited government. February 21st, 2022, is called “Presidents’ Day” on my computer’s calendar. No, thanks; not for me. I am old enoughContinue Reading