September 21, 2022 Unsafe Space was suspended by the Overlords for “medical misinformation”! In this short episode, Keith discusses censorship and the 1st Amendment. WARNING: No medical procedures will be discussed. But far worse, legal limits on the federal government are covered. Watch at your own risk. Due to aContinue Reading

September 19, 2022 Juliet and Carter speak with panelists Elliot Resnick and James Pew about Canada’s first National Gathering on Unmarked Graves and the associated rent-seeking of leftist activists. Next, they discuss the mischaracterization of January 6th and the Republican response to it before diving into a broader discussion aboutContinue Reading

September 14, 2022 After dealing with some persistent audio issues, Carter begins with a brief story about the cancelling of Kiwifarms by Cloudflare (#, which was precipitated by an online mob rustled-up by trans activist and Twitter pugilist Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti, and included support from a surprising source: Republican CongresswomanContinue Reading

September 14, 2022 On 9/11, we are blasted with reminders to “never forget.” Keith adamantly agrees. Never forget what the U.S. government did and did not do leading up to the attacks. Never forget how the attacks were used by the government to expand their power and attack us. InContinue Reading

September 12, 2022 Juliet and Carter speak with panelist Ari Hoffman about the egregious lack of mainstream accountability for the lockdowns and mandates, and the casuistry used to justify them. Ari denounces so-called “Supervised Injection Sites,” arguing that they are needlessly ruining neighborhoods without helping addicts at all. The trioContinue Reading

September 07, 2022 Carter examines Joe Biden’s recent speech at Independence Hall in the context of the America’s current political climate. He begins by articulating the primary elements of the culture war and how the left’s principles align well with those of the worst authoritarian ideologues throughout history. In thisContinue Reading

September 07, 2022 Rebel Civics Academy is a collection of Rebel Civics episodes that are uniquely tailored to provide civics education to middle and high school students. To protect their identities, students in Rebel Civics Academy use pseudonyms and avatars. In this episode we have four student participants, ranging fromContinue Reading

September 05, 2022 Juliet and Carter are joined by L (SomeB*tchIKnow) to discuss the state’s war against parents, but the conversation meanders into a variety of topics, including Neopets, LARPing as a frog, neopronouns, lederhosen, chronic wasting disease, conspiracy theories, the elitist origins of the Department of Education, 8-hour workContinue Reading