August 31, 2022 Carter uses the student loan crisis and Biden’s recent student debt cancellation order to help illustrate a few principles of clear thinking, including: 1) Identifying Context; 2) Recognizing Value Judgements; and 3) Not Being a Stupid Marxist. Is college “valuable?” Links Referenced in the Show: Biden’s orderContinue Reading

August 31, 2022 Face it, government “forgiveness” of student loans is theft. It is transfer of the debt obligation to people who had nothing to do with the loan. Joe Biden’s recent executive order providing “debt cancellation” on up to $20,000 on student loans is immoral, unconstitutional, and economically foolish.Continue Reading

August 24, 2022 Carter analyzes Sam Harris’ recent controversial appearance on the Triggernometry podcast, answering the question of why smart people sometimes have horrible political takes. He then addresses a question from the community about arguments against placing pronouns in one’s bio. Links Referenced in the Show: Harris’ appearance onContinue Reading

August 23, 2022 Alex addresses the chilling effects of violence, going over Salman Rushdie’s stabbing, assaults at protests, and other stage rushes. About 451 Degrees Hosted by Alex Miceli, 451 Degrees is a series dedicated to discussing censorship of the arts and artists, and to supporting those ideas that enableContinue Reading