How could I deny her that? Between the stars, black sky hid magic. Stealthily I unlatched the cold metal buckle and poked my head over the console to scan the realm beyond the windshield for a sign. The radio on the family Buick was an ember in the dark, itsContinue Reading

Gay weddings are back. Well, back in court. This week, SCOTUS began hearing oral arguments for 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. The case centers around Lorie Smith, a devout Christian who wants to expand her business to include wedding websites. Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA) prohibits businesses from discriminating against LGBTQContinue Reading

In clown world it’s sometimes hard to separate the idiot from the savant, and for years the ramblings of Kanye West (“Ye”) remained indecipherable to many. After his dramatic transformation from secular sensation to Trump-stumping bible-thumper, the mainstream media made it even more difficult by casting every minute twitch orContinue Reading