November 11, 2022 Alex, Beverly, and Juliet stream their last episode of Occasional Levity, covering the week’s news. L (SomeB*tchIKnow) joins in during the second hour of the stream. This series will continue in a new incarnation over at! About Occasional Levity Occasional Levity is a weekly wrap-up ofContinue Reading

November 4, 2022 Beverly, Juliet, and unexpectedly Alex (during her streaming hiatus) are joined by YourFriendPawl in this episode of Occasional Levity. They discuss Twitter employees getting fired, Jordan Peterson’s bad take on anonymity online, Beverly’s questionable ethnicity, AOC eating chicken during a video about something stupid, “New Amsterdam” TVContinue Reading

October 21, 2022 Alex, Beverly, Juliet, and special guest, Adam Coleman of Wrong Speak Publishing, cover this week’s news, including the CDC voting to add Covid-19 vaccines to the child immunization schedule, British PM stepping down after 45 days, AOC being cringey at another town hall, and various Biden administrationContinue Reading

October 14, 2022 Alex, Beverly, and Juliet are joined by special guest, Daniel Wagner from Unframe of Mind, on this episode of Occasional Levity. Together, they discuss Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democratic Party, Biden administration gaffes, Pfizer “vaccine” updates, terrible Twitter takes, AOC getting humiliated, idiotic girls throwing tomato sauceContinue Reading

October 07, 2022 Alex, Beverly, and Juliet discuss potential World War 3, Biden’s pardoning of those convicted of marijuana possession, Elon Musk and Twitter negotiations, and more. Links Referenced in the Show: Biden’s bumbles: Zelensky Calls on NATO to Attack Russia: Will Elon Musk Buy Twitter?: Sharon Osbourne Wants RefundContinue Reading

September 30, 2022 Alex, Beverly, and Juliet host the pilot episode of Occasional Levity, covering this week’s news of the Nord Stream sabotage, Biden administration gaffs, Hurricane Ian, Russian/Ukraine news, unhinged people caught on camera, and adorable baby animals. With special guest, Jon Del Arroz, some Hispanic guy. Thanks forContinue Reading