[#Covfefe Break] Sexual Collectivism

March 19, 2021

Carter and Keri announce the inaugural Unsafe Space Retreat, which will be held from August 20-22nd near Austin, TX. A discussion with special guests Mike Harlow and Kamran Pasha ensues, during which the quartet contemplates Biden falling up stairs and the mysterious “green screen” theory positing the secret existence of a holographic President. The chat then turns to the grim subject of the recent Atlantic shootings. (Carter’s analysis can be found in his article on the topic, as well as his video. Links to both can be found below.)

Next, the group touches on a variety of topics, including Twitter bans, sexual preferences, “homophobic” gays, and sexual collectivism. Carter gives a brief update on the Lisa Hanson situation, and then chastises “secret supporters.” After Kamran drops out, Keri, Carter, and Mikey end the show with a discussion about masculinity and the value of being decisive.

Links Referenced in the Show:

The Unsafe Space Retreat:

Carter’s article about the Atlanta shootings:

Video about the Atlanta shootings:

Lisa Hanson’s situation update:

Lisa’s GoFundMe:

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