December 16, 2022 Juliet, Alex, Keith, Carter, and Beverly discuss Twitter’s suspension of accounts that provided real-time tracking data of Elon’s private plane, and the resultant outrage from mainstream “journalists.” Then they discuss Fauci’s retirement, his advice before leaving, and Florida’s recent study of COOF jab side effects. They endContinue Reading

December 9, 2022 Juliet, Keith, Carter, Beverly, and Jon Del Arroz review the week’s news, including an $858B spending bill, the Twitter files, a coup in Germany, and a hit piece on Mike Baron, writer for The Punisher. Links Referenced in the Show: House passes $858B NDAA Mike BaronContinue Reading

December 2, 2022 Alex, Beverly, and Carter discuss Maricopa County’s election shenanigans, Ye’s appearance on InfoWars, and the corporate rationale behind Environmental, Social, and Governance scores. Alex’s article on Maricopa County: Carter’s article on Kanye West and Nick Fuentes: Kanye’s fiat currency Links Referenced in the Show: Alex’s articleContinue Reading

November 21, 2022 Carter and guest host Sunny Lohmann discuss Twitter’s reinstatement of banned accounts and Elon’s relentless teasing of Donald Trump. Then they turn to the updated narratives regarding COVID-19, including the FDA’s denouncement of Ivermectin and the possibility of myocarditis vaccination side effects, which is now being investigatedContinue Reading

November 14, 2022 Juliet and Carter discuss the sudden collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF’s) FTX crypto exchange and untangle the world of crypto for people who are confused about what it is and what happened. They also discuss the relationship between SBF and the Democrats, Ukraine’s relationship with FTX. LinksContinue Reading

October 31, 2022 Juliet and Carter discuss the recent narrative shifts around COVID, including gain-of-function revelations, requests for “pandemic amnesty,” and the recognition that suppressed immune systems are a legitimate downside of isolation. Next, they explore Elon’s Twitter takeover and the transparent attempt to discredit him, as well as CurtisContinue Reading

October 24, 2022 Juliet and Carter fly solo, covering a variety of news items from the previous week, including continued propaganda hyping the war in Ukraine, America’s dismal National Report Card, Rishi Sunak’s CBDC love affair, MSNBC’s ill-advised grilling of Trump supporters regarding January 6th, and New York City’s outrageContinue Reading